“True humanitarian leaders care enough about humanity to search out the needs, problems, and solutions for people in need. They find something that inspires them but also serves others. - Dr. John Demartini

Life is sales. Every day we attempt to persuade, cajole, and encourage people — big and small — to cooperate with us in an endless number of interactions and transactions that are normal between human beings.

We bring all our energies to asking a girl to the dance — or asking for her hand in marriage; for volunteering to distribute health information, working to promote a candidate…

A multiplicity of arse-kicking, being hit in all areas of life forced me to come home, to come face to face with vulnerability and fear quite a bit has changed in the past 2 yrs.

I can say that it was quite the ride and challenging as fuck. Tackling my own fears in all areas of life being hit in my physical health, dealing with my fear
of being alone and homeless.

My battle was way beyond these things I thought I was losing my mind all coming down to control my greatest fear of losing control.

Could I come…

Resentment is a healthy biological response it’s here to awaken you to break your addiction to an infatuation you have. This is where positive Psychology fucks people up, believing the feeling of resentment is to be avoided and is mostly labeled as bad.

So, what is the purpose of resentment and how can it be of service to us — if mother nature gave us this emotion to feel and express it must have a purpose.

It sure does — Resentment is a message through your senses to awaken you to take your life back, it’s here to let you…

We as humans are constantly wanting, wanting to fill the endless void in our lives with stuff or the perception of something that will make us feel better when we get it or get there!!

The endless source of seeking and attachment. Take a moment and think of something you want: More money, bigger house, holiday, a relationship, more time ….

Now ask yourself “If I got that, what will it actually give me?”

Sit with your answer.

Does it bring you a sense of purpose?

I was chatting to a colleague yesterday about wanting to write a book about…

This coming weekend — weather permitting — take a stroll in Nature, your favorite park, or work in your garden, and learn a few key points about business.

Clear your mind, take a deep breath of fresh air, and just observe. Watch the interactions between humans, young and old, in the outdoors. Watch the dogs, and the children, as they frolic in the park; watch people jog, run, bike and walk their pets.

Carefully observe their faces and their mannerisms as they all spend time in nature. It’s been reported in the business press that a number of progressive Silicon…

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